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Your role is supporting people - leaders, teams, individuals - in living systems as they identify their barriers to change. You guide them as they overcome those obstacles and move forward into a better future for themselves.

You might work alone, in a coaching partnership, or as part of an in-house coaching team within a large organisation.

Or you might be a therapist, working in your own practice . . .

Psychological Safety cartoon
Cartoon of a therapist
Cartoon coaching session

. . . or working with families, and with young (or very young) people in schools.

cartoon young family

Whatever your working environment, you're passionate about seeing people realise their potential. You love guiding people to discover the answers that they already have within themselves.

I very much believe that too.

The concepts you talk about can sometimes get complicated. It would really help if your people could see something that would show clearly what you mean.

And to do so in a way that's fun and engaging, as well as enlightening - something that tells a story.

That's where I come in.

To put it simply, I turn ideas - your ideas - into images.

cartoon illustration of change journey

Section from a larger image. Some of the detail is blurred out for confidentiality.

I support coaches and therapists with visuals to help land their message with their audience. My creative work also helps their clients to better understand the work they're doing together.

To see how this happens out there in the world, please take a look through my

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